APM People

APM Group's Managing Director Paul Howard, is supported by Director Matthew Dole, and an experienced team of 50+ highly skilled and permanent full-time employees.

APM staff have a proven track record delivering commercial construction projects for institutional, government and corporate clients and adding value by:

  • Completing projects on or ahead of time;
  • Exceeding quality expectations;
  • Mitigating construction risks;
  • Industry leading HSE compliance;
  • Achieving zero industrial relations lost time;
  • Pricing competitively; and
  • Maintaining a professional and committed workforce.


APM Group's reputation for delivering
construction | excellence is founded on a core set of values guiding all decisions and behaviour:

Matthew Dole
employment, APM, apmgroup, quality, jobs site: safety, integrity, teamwork, excellence

we provide a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders
through integrity we build trusted relationships
we value our people and cooperate through teamwork
in everything we do sets the standard


Meet the directors

Paul Howard

Managing Director, Paul Howard

While Paul has been with APM for 22 years, his construction career spans 38 years, managing small refurbishment and fit out work through to large, out-of-the-ground construction projects.

Paul's commitment to industry best practice and Australian Standard compliance, including health & safety, quality assurance, environment and risk management, has been fundamental to securing APM Group as preferred builders in the commercial corporate sector. 

Paul is a director on the APM board and a major shareholder.

Matthew Dole

Director Business Development, Matthew Dole

    Matt's construction industry experience including working with tier 1 builders spans more then 23 years. Matt manages a dual estimating and business development role at APM and is responsible 

    for maintaining customer relationships, from tender procurement through to value management initiatives.

    Matt continues to successfully develop relationships across the consultant and client project group, delivering on APM's commitment to reputation and to deliver above and beyond client


    Matt is a director on the APM board and a shareholder.